If you’ve been sitting on the fence about purchasing a home, you just might want to consider very soon. Between rising rents and home values, low interest rates (hovering around 4%) and more affordable mortgage insurance (FHA has reduced there’s to 0.85%). Now is a great time to buy. We have developed a team that allows the home buyer a stress free experience. As many of you know, the entire process can be very overwhelming. Finding the right house, buying it, moving in and having to live with the stuff you don’t like until you have the time to make the upgrades or changes. Not with us….our realtor will do all the searching for you, walk you through the closing process and if your new home needs updating or rehab work we can have that completed right after closing. So you will be move in ready! We make things easy, stress free and want all our clients to have a great experience! So hop off the fence and give us call.

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Amy Jackson at 262-496-4699