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Glacial Park

Despite the fact that “glacial” is in the park’s name, you’re around 12,000 years too late to see a glacier. But don’t worry. Though the glaciers left a long time ago, they left behind something quite special: a 3,400-acre park with a unique mix of prairie, savanna, wetlands, and rolling hills. Glacial Park is a treasure of the McHenry County Conservation District.


Waldron Construction, Kitchen & Bath is owned and operated by Joe and Tasha Waldron. Waldron Construction has Over 75+ Years Combined Staff Experience and a large knowledge base related to building and remodeling homes as well as overseeing commercial projects. We recognize that our largest asset is our team. 

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There’s a lot to see and do in Glacial Park because of its diversity. Its most distinguishing feature, though, is a series of kames. They provide an interesting look into how this section of the state came to be.

Are you unfamiliar with kames? Here’s a quick primer on geology. As the glaciers melted, enormous sand and gravel deposits were left in depressions in the ice. The deposits became mounds as the ice thawed more. Over the next few thousand years, the earth gradually covered them, grass took hold, erosion sculpted them, and you now have a lovely park full of hills known as kames. Emerging from the normally flat plains, they’re a startling sight.

Furthermore, Glacial Park walks are quite easy and offer a lot of scenery. The trail is roughly five miles long and can be done in portions or as a circle. The Deerpath Loop Trail is a great way to experience the park at its best. It’s a 2.1-mile self-guided interpretive route that passes through woodland, grassland, savanna, prairie, marshes, and bogs, all of which are remnants of glacial ages. Take the 105-foot Camelback Kame if you’re looking for a challenge.

Nippersink Creek, a beautiful, meandering creek that flows into the Fox River, runs through the park. Its gentle current is ideal for a leisurely paddle through the plains, marshes, and past the kames.

Bass, bluegill, channel catfish, walleye, carp, bullhead, and green sunfish are among the 40 or so kinds of fish that call the river home. Anglers go to Keystone Road Landing and Pioneer Road Landing because of the variety of fishing opportunities.

The riverbanks are also a sanctuary for animals. Thanks to the park’s 490 acres of dedicated nature preserve, you might see or hear red-winged blackbirds, great blue herons, white egrets, kingfishers, and swallows.

The nature preserve in the park’s heart is the gem of it all. It’s a haven for over 40 state-endangered plant and animal species, including turtles and wild turkeys. Badgers, woodchucks, frogs, and muskrats are all common sightings. There were also a lot of birds. It’s one of the region’s top five spots to watch migratory birds. Hundreds of them can be seen during an October sunset.


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Amy Duhig Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We started off not knowing what we wanted, but knew we needed a new kitchen and flooring for most of our first floor, which was overwhelming to us. We worked with Liz to help us design what we wanted. She was fabulous and patient with us. Timelines were met and the crew who worked with us ended up feeling like part of the family. When faced with some pretty big “snags,” which were of no fault of Waldron Construction, Joe was professional, pushed to make things right, and kept his word; The team went above and beyond and did excellent work.

Nancy Leah Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

Such a great team of professionals. We had our kitchen remodeled and Waldron Construction was very helpful and thorough. A little future advice for anyone considering a major remodel is to expect delays and the need to make changes due to supply availability or unforeseen issues. Joe Waldron treats you with great respect and is very driven to make sure you are very satisfied and happy with your remodel. Some may feel the expense is too high…but you do get what you pay for. Thank you for a very beautiful kitchen, Nancy and Gary

Joan Peart Founder & CEO of XpeedStudio

We just completed our dream kitchen remodel with Waldron Construction. We are extremely pleased with the results. Angie helped us through the design and was always a text/phone call away. The trades were excellent and were great to work with. Of course there were hiccups in the process but nothing that couldn’t be worked out. Having the schedule in front of us daily through builder trend was great too. Joe was very responsive whenever we had questions or concerns. We would recommend Waldron for your next home improvement project..

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