the waldron construction kitchen and bathroom design team

we asked our staff to tell us what their passion is

Joe Waldron

Owner/General Contractor

My passion is snowmobiling up north with my family and friends. I love the snow and making new memories every year is what I look forward to the most. There is nothing quite like God’s country.

Tasha Waldron


My favorite thing to do is motorcycling. There is no view like the one from on a bike. I love the wind in my face and the sun on my cheeks. I love charity rides! It makes me happy to be able to do something I love while helping other people.

Tony Christy

Showroom Manager

I have two teenage daughters who keep me very busy, that I love spending time with. Concerts, movies, and sporting events are just a few things I really enjoy in my spare time.

Angie Caton

Designer & Project Manager

As soon as I was big enough to push a piece of furniture, my decorating career began. I love reimagining what a space can be and making it happen. When I’m not designing, I am a full time mom and zoo keeper to my two birds, cat, dog and turtle.

Holly Sleger

Designer & Project Manager

My passion is interior design. From a young age this is something I was always drawn to and I am blessed to be able to do what I love for a career.

 Outside of work, my favorite thing to do is spend time making memories with my family and traveling to new places. 

Rachel Reget

Designer & Project Manager

I have quite a few hobbies….I love to ride horses, read, ice skate and hula hoop! Fun fact; I can hula hoop 15 hoops at one time! I don’t carry them around with me, so you’ll have to take my word for it!