Understanding the Differences Between Millwork and Casework

Millwork and casework are terms that people tend to use interchangeably, but the reality is that they are not the same at all. There are essential differences between the two terms. How do you figure out which is right for you? Below is some information that will make things clear to you and make your decision making the process simpler.

The first thing to know is millwork is term that when used means “custom”. Everything that is made and fits this category has been created using the specifications offered by customers.It is fabricated by custom furniture builders (cabinets) and can follow custom millwork design for moldings (crown moldings).


When you are purchasing a piece of custom millwork, know ahead of time that you will need to set aside more money than you would if casework was on your shopping list. Since the labor involved is more intensive, it is expected that anyone buying it will understand and be willing to pay for all of the hard work that goes into it.

As far as casework goes, it is typically made en masse and countless numbers of the same item are created in an environment akin to an assembly line. Basically, people or machines are putting these items together according to guidelines and there is no room for customization. Since there are no intricacies and special instructions, the price is not as high.

Customer Satisfaction

Buying millwork is often a more satisfying experience for some since they have a say in how things are made. Because they are able to offer specific information about what they want, it is not likely they will make a purchase they are unhappy with. This does not mean that casework is necessarily disliked by customers everywhere, it isn’t. The point is that people tend to have more pride and fulfillment when they own items that were specially made for them.

In addition, people who try their best to stand out from the crowd would be far more satisfied with custom millwork. This will offer them the opportunity to own items that are different from what everyone else has. In a world where it often seems that everything has become one-note, this is very refreshing.

Fitting the Space

When you buy something that is custom made, it often fits into the space that you currently have. Custom cabinets and millwork would fit exactly. If you decide to move, it may not fit into your new property as well as you would like. Casework is typically made to fit into any type of space so it is not as difficult to figure out placement in the event that you have to change the environment it is in.

As you can tell, millwork takes an investment of more time and money, but you will receive something that was specifically made for you. On the flip side, casework is cheaper and able to accommodate all kinds of spaces. Weigh each of these points when trying to decide which option is best for you.

Great for you

When it comes to casework, things are generally made using a template that is very common. A “stock” cabinet maker would be a caseworker. Now that you have the general definition of the difference, let’s dig a little deeper and explore more about what differentiates one from the other. Casework cabinetry can be very high quality. It will normally not have the extensive options for customization that Millwork cabinetry will provide .

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