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Summer has 100 days and who doesn’t want to maximize every one of them? A new deck or patio area is a great way to create an outdoor room, a living space to entertain your friends and family. Patio and deck construction is no longer limited to simple square and rectangular shapes. Waldron Construction is a premier patio and deck builder who understands these outdoor spaces are extensions of your home that deserve thoughtful design and quality execution. With our help, you could have an outdoor room easier than you think.

The perfect outdoor space for your weekend brunch, enjoying smores around a fire pit or practicing the fine art of relaxing in the sun with family can be made a reality. Screened in protection, arbor sun protection, full outdoor kitchen or simple grilling station, multi-level, landscape integrations, privacy protected, low-to-no maintenance, durability are some of the considerations that our expert deck and patio builders team of designers can guide you through to arrive at the “perfect for me” outdoor space.

Our team of patio and deck builders have been recruited for their expertise in very specialized knowledge of methods and materials that bring your outdoor dream space to life. Whether you envision wood or composite decking, decking pavers or specialized concrete with overly applications, the leader of patio and deck contractors, the Waldron Construction team is here to bring our full expertise to your project. The following is a simple overview of various patio choices. Which type of patio or deck project you choose as the right fit for you, our straight forward patio and deck construction methods can efficiently and expertly deliver your patio now. So why wait?

“Form follows function” is at the heart of a deck and patio design that will set your project apart from the ordinary and will transform the outdoor space into the perfect space for you. Design collaboration with our owners is the first and central step to delivering a space that everyone wants to use. Excellent patio and deck design sets your space apart from the ordinary and makes friends and family have “patio envy” for years to come.

The process to successful deck and patio construction is attention to detail and a passion for craftmanship. Year of building the best patios and decks assures our clients that the timeliness and quality of their project is at the forefront of our building processes. Top carpentry craftsmanship, often called “old school” approach is paramount to a deck that can stand the test of time and our Chicago winters.

Depth of knowledge of the most modern decking lumber and composite materials gives our patio and deck builder teams the “right stuff” to tackle both simple and challenging projects.

Mastery of the basics including: digging support piers and posts with minimal disturbance to the surrounding landscape; consideration of drainage and water management; foresight to the “seasoning” of materials and finishes are engrained in the deck and patio construction processes.

Patio construction made of: stone pavers or manufactured pavers, natural stone such as slate or flagstone, or concrete with custom overlays or porcelain exterior are all options our team can deliver with eye for detail and a lasting extension of your home and hospitality.

What sets our patio and deck construction apart from others is the artistry of our team. Building a patio using stones that vary in shape is like solving a puzzle since it requires careful and thoughtful use of the natural shapes until a perfect pattern is found. Delivering an even surface requires respecting the variances of the natural materials to ensure proper leveling that will be durable and unchanging.

Concrete is one of the most durable and long-lasting choices for a patio entertainment area. Today more frequently when we use concrete for patio and deck construction, our customers are asking for unique and out of the ordinary finishes to be used in combination with concrete. Our unique concrete overlay system creates unlimited effects that mimic those found in nature and perform for years to come. The look of wood, stone, granite, marble and more can be created just outside your Patio and Deck doors.

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If you’re interested in having a patio designed, replaced or installed, please feel free to contact Waldron Construction deck and patio builders for more information. Let our Team collaborate with you to deliver the patio and deck of your dreams. You may qualify for 0% financing!

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