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Maybe you love the warmth of carpet under your feet. For others it’s the barefoot pleasure of a heated floor. Some may choose a slick seamless glass-like finish surface of artistic epoxy or polished concrete. Yet others have found the daily foot massage of shower floors fitted with rounded river rock. Whatever your vision and desire, everyone wants to find a “Flooring contractors near me”. You have found what you need in Waldron Construction your Local Flooring Contractor; the choice for fine and unique flooring.

More often today, flooring choices are leaning strongly to those high on the scale of durability and low on maintenance. Increasingly, homeowners are asking for high performance flooring to maximize their investment value.

Solid hardwood floors are the traditional material of choice, but are losing ground to the newest technology for engineered and laminated wood products. Part of this change is driven by technology and another part is price. For many families, nothing compares to the natural warmth, depth and luster of solid wood flooring. It is often called a “life time floor” as it usually can be refinished and start its life cycle over at least 2 to 3 times depending on the dimension of the wood plank installed. The champions for wood floors understand the care and maintenance can be significant, but find the time to be well spent.

Laminate with wood veneers, and engineered flooring has evolved to be less expensive than its solid wood counterpart. Homeowners looking for this type of floor surface need to search for laminate flooring contractors. The choices of laminates have developed to include exotic species of wood, and wide plank or hand scraped formats that would be environmentally irresponsible or simply cost prohibitive for most homeowners. Under certain circumstances engineered and laminates are considered sustainable and energy certified to have a low carbon footprint when manufactured. Waldron Flooring Contractor can guide you through the multiple choices to find the laminate that will perform according to your needs.

Water resistant and Water proof flooring is at the top requests of most modest home remodels. The costs have become affordable and installation of some types are very doable for the average skilled DIYer. What is often misunderstood about water proof flooring is when in a basement that gets flooded, the flooring needs to be cleaned, removed and conserved for later installation. Removal of the base layer of fabric or cushion that has been installed under it. The flooring can be salvaged, the underlayment usually cannot. Cleaning up after a flood have important procedures to prevent or stop mold that can form under the water proof flooring.

In recent years there has been an increased emphasis in creating home environments that reduce waste and increase its energy efficiency. While this is not the only reason, it is a large part of why concrete and other specialty flooring options have grown in popularity. These floors leave nothing to be desired when it comes to style and versatility in the home. The investment for the concrete finishes upfront can be well justified by the reduced expenses in the long run. Fortunately, there are many designs and materials to choose from to ensure you are able to achieve a timeless look.

One of the most popular forms of specialty flooring is definitely stamped concrete and other concrete looks. Concrete has the ability to hold in heat, which can significantly lower energy costs. They can also be laid on top of radiant heat, which makes them even more energy efficient. Additionally, there really is no limit to the looks that are possible. The best contractors have the ability to create anything that you can imagine. This can be patterned flooring that resembles custom tile work, wood flooring or a beautiful marble finish. This finish is well suited to outdoor patio areas and pool perimeters.

Many that are choosing cement finishes are choosing epoxy. Home owners want to find an “Epoxy floor contractor near me” like Waldron Construction that has some of the most cutting-edge epoxy floor finishes that are high performance and low maintenance. Matching the material with the true artistry of Waldron Construction Epoxy floor finishers, the results for your project will delight your eye and bring your vision to life.

Epoxy is often called “floor amour” and is nearly indestructible. Terrific for basements, homes with large pets or active little people, epoxy will increase the floor’s ability to resist stains, chips, dirt and other elements that it may be encountered. This helps to seal and protect the concrete from the risk of damage and also gives it a shine that enhances its appearance. What these epoxy finishes can look like are truly limited only by your imagination.

There is often no need to replace them simply due to standard wear and tear over time. Its durability is one of its leading perks. Changing up a room can be achieved through area rugs which is extremely cost effective and very flexible for giving a new “vibe” to a room.

Basements especially benefit from concrete flooring. The radiant heat installed into the flooring helps to keep this space that is usually cool warm during winter months. It also eliminates the concern of the flooring becoming damaged by moisture, which is one of the biggest risks that come with making a basement a living space. The fact that it can be used to create any look that is desired makes it all the more appealing.

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Finally, it is important to note that concrete flooring and epoxy finished can have texture if desired. This reduces the risk of slipping, as is common on ceramic tile, but does not lead to an increased amount of care of the flooring. Minimal addition of texture will go a long way to reduce the risk of slipping while still maintaining its extreme ease of care.

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