Waldron Custom Closets For Your Home

A combination of varying traditional closet component configurations allows our designers to create Custom Closet Design, in any area of the home. Waldron Custom Closet Designs and builds clothes closets, walk-in closets, and pantries to mudroom lockers from standard to spectacular. A vast array of colors and textures in panel materials are available to compliment or contrast your area. Along with an extensive variety of hardware, accessories and finishes to enhance and complete your organizational needs. Most components can be custom sized to your specific needs. Creating the closet system, you desire.

Often our designer’s find that simple things make a huge difference. Full-extension drawers that open with a touch, drawer sides made of glass that let you view the entire contents of the drawer, totally customizable hardware for draw and cabinetry to match any décor requirement all make Custom Closet Design by Waldron Construction the built in closet design of choice.

Our detailed Thermally Fused Laminates provide an extensive array of finishes allowing for great design and durability at the best cost value. Our selections have great availability and are low maintenance and easy to clean. An innovative surface, Thermo-Structured Surface, made with decorative and kraft papers which are treated with resins under heat and pressure, offer a deeper texture to our wood grain surfaces that defy the most discriminating eye to tell the difference between our product and solid wood species. Go ahead, touch and feel! Indistinguishable from mother nature while being made of sustainable products that far exceed the Formaldehyde standards in the state of California!

Carefully considered and meticulously custom designed closet components result in each and every detail that delivers a custom built-in look. So, from angled shoe shelves with a toe stop rail, custom made jewelry and watch drawer inserts, to surface flush lighting it’s easy to create a truly custom closet.

The Method to Perfect Organization

Everyone’s closets have four things in common, EVERYONE’s. Closets all contain items that can be sorted into “keep”, “sell”, “donate” and “discard”. Yup, the first step to organization is to purge, purge and purge. There is a reason our closets are bursting at the seam and a simple practice of purging once a year can keep our closets clear and clutter free.

Taking everything out of the closet and sorting in to 4 boxes labeled “keep”, “sell”, “donate” and “discard”. This all-important exercise is at the core of blissful organization. One closet at a time is not as overwhelming as embracing all closets and storage areas in the home. Take on a small closet to start. Heck even start with the broom, linen or pantry closet. You will find something in these “starter” closets to fit almost all four categories of “keep”, “sell”, “donate” and “discard”.

Taking on the process of purging might seem daunting, but once started it is manageable, peaceful and deeply satisfying to let go of “Stuff” and embrace the “Essential” whether it is a wardrobe, a linen, pantry, mud room closet. Even storage areas like a garage, basement or attic can benefit form a process that takes noisy disorder and transforms it to calm organization.
A well-organized space work wonders for saving you time and brining value to your home. A place for everything and everything in its place saves HUGE amounts of time in your daily routine. Id being organized could knock off 20 minutes from your morning routine, that would equal over 91hours in a year! Yowser! Over the equivalent of two work weeks are re-claimed for you to own and enjoy! Once all your essential items are in place, take a deep breath in and congratulate yourself on a journey well-traveled!

Our Process

Waldron Custom Closet Design is a phone call away! We begin with an in-home consultation with our design professional. We come to listen, observe and learn all about how you envision using your closets and storage areas. The appointment includes professional measurements of your closets and storage areas for which you want designed solutions. This visit has a nominal charge which will be credited to any purchase you make with Waldron Construction Custom Closets. We will measure EVERY closet you have for the same nominal charge!

The next step is where the magic is designed into your custom solution. Our designers take everything they have learned and create a unique design for your needs. The right number of drawers, shelves, shoe shelves, short& long hanging combined with all the accessories from pull out valet hooks and pant racks to surface flush lighting are all thoughtfully considered in your planned design. A conversation about the plan can lead to adjustments and just the right tweaks to make your closet a perfect fit for you.

The last step is installation. Our closet system is easy enough for the DIYer, yet most of our clients engage our affordable installation services that makes your investment in a custom closet design as your home improvement project guaranteed to be right! Our team of professional installers allow Waldron Custom Closets to be guaranteed that your space is perfect down to the millimeter. That’s why we send a professional installer to remeasure and assess your space before we install, even if the designer has already done so.

Call for an in-home consultation today! And don’t forget to ask about our 0% interest financing and other low cost finance programs (available for credit qualified customers) .

Are You Ready to Move Forward With Your Custom Storage Solutions?